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An awesome country : India and Indian visa tips! The Lake Palace in Lake Pichola in the city of Udaipur was built as a royal summer palace in the 18th century. Today it is a luxury 5 Star hotel, operating under the “Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces”. The Lake Palace hotel operates a boat which transports guests to the hotel from a jetty at the City Palace on the east bank of Lake Pichola. The palace became famous in 1983 when it was featured in the James Bond film Octopussy, as the home of titular character.

This ghat is named after the mythological character Raja Harishchandra, who once worked at this ghat. Now, this king is believed to be righteous and truthful and gods were pleased with his humble behavior and thus retrieved his lost kingdom and his dead son to him. Harishchandra Ghat is one of the two ghats used for cremation in Varanasi and it is reckoned that whoever is cremated here attains Moksha or Salvation. This ghat is named after the great poet Tulsidas, who is believed to be the author of the Hindu epic Ramcharitramanas. It is believed Tulsidas sat on this ghat of the river and wrote a large part of Ramcharitramanas here. It is also reckoned that the first ever Ramlila (the story of Lord Rama’s life) was staged at this ghat. There is a big temple here that is dedicated to Lord Rama on this ghat. At Tulsi ghat many cultural activities also take place and the most popular one is the Krishnalila that takes place in the month of Kartika (Oct/Nov).

If any of the foregoing intent applies to you, then you qualify for an eVisa India and eligible to apply for a Visa for India on this website. Additionally, if you are intending to visit India for medical treatment for yourself then you can apply for an India Visa Online on this website. If you want to accompany a patient, act as nurse or support person, then you can apply for visa to India under Medical Attendant category on this website. When are you NOT eligible for an India Visa online? There are circumstances where you qualify under both criteria but may still not be granted an eVisa India or Indian Online visa if the below applies to you. You are applying under a diplomatic passport instead of an ordinary passport. You are intending to do journalistic activities or make films in India. You are coming for preaching or missionary work. You are coming for long term visit over 180 days. Read additional details on Indian Visa.

The famous monumental Ellora Caves were built between the 5th and 10th centuries by Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu monks, and make for an excellent excursion from Mumbai, some 300 kilometers to the west. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this remarkable collection of 34 carved monasteries, chapels, and temples-12 of them Buddhist, 17 Hindu, and five belonging to the Jain faith-were built in close proximity to each other, a reflection of the religious tolerance that existed during this period of Indian history. Of the Buddhist monastery caves, highlights include a number of shrines featuring carvings of Buddha and saints dating from the 5th to 7th centuries, as well as the stunning Carpenter’s Cave, considered one of the finest in India. The Hindu caves are much more complex and were carved from the top down, so scaffolding was not necessary. Of these, the best is the Kailasa Temple, an enormous rock-cut temple representing Mount Kailasa and requiring the removal of 200,000 tons of rock.

Documents Required for eVisa India applicants: You are required to upload only your face photograph and passport bio page picture if you are visiting for the purposes of recreation/tourism/short term course. If you are visiting the business, technical meeting then you are also required to upload your email signature or business card in addition to the previous two documents. Medical applicants are required to provide a letter from the hospital. You can take photo from your phone and upload the documents. The link to upload documents is provided to you by an email from our system sent on the registered email id once the payment has been successfully made. You can read more about the documents required here. If you are not able to upload documents related to your eVisa India (electronic India Visa) for any reason, you can also email them to us. See extra info at www.india-visa-gov.in.