Musandam travel attractions

Top places to see in Musandam: Jebel Harim is the highest point in Musandam, which reaches 2,087-meters high. Jebel Harim means the Mountain of Women. It was called this because Omani women used to go up the mountain and hide when they feared they might get kidnapped by pirates, while their men were away on fishing trips. Visitors can go hiking or drive up the hill to enjoy the spectacular views from its top, as they watch the surrounding valleys and villages. They can also camp on the magnificent mountain.

Two different kinds of dolphins pay a visit to the Musandam waters every now and then. These are the Humpback dolphins (Sousa Chinensis), and the Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus). The best way to meet with these dolphins and get to know them is to take a boat ride. The dolphins are friendly and curious and will come and say hello to your boat. Here’s some great news for adrenalin junkies. If you’re thinking Musandam is just for beach lovers, think again. It’s one of the best-known destinations in Oman for paragliding and parasailing. When you’re up at that height, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the beaches, valleys, bays, mountains and more. Get your straps on and take off from the Zighy Mountain, from a height of 1,000-feet above the ground. Glide over the pristine bay and enjoy the incredible views all around.

The scenic beauty offers stunning landscapes of deep fjords flanked by the red Hajar Mountains and the tranquil blue waters of the Arabian Sea. The charming traditional dhows dot the waters, creating an idyllic environment perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. The water activities like snorkelling, canoeing and swimming all provide the excitement and challenge making a trip to Musandam memorable. The Omani hospitality can be experienced aboard the dhow cruises which are an important part of Musandam tour packages. Unlimited refreshments and a sumptuous spread of buffet lunch make the trip to Musandam satisfying for the soul and the body!

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Khasab, a port city on the Musandam Peninsula, is a must for your travel itinerary! Check out the capital’s Khasab Castle, built in the 17th century by the Portuguese, in order to protect the Strait of Hormuz. Today, the renovated castle features a museum showcasing weapons, clothes, gems and jewellery. In the collection, there is a traditional hand mill and a lock house too. Khasab has restaurants serving Lebanese, Omani, and Indian cuisines. Avid shoppers should not miss out on spending some quality time at the traditional souks, shopping for souvenirs!