Myanmar attractions

Myanmar is a fabulous travel place, there is such an abundance of color, exotic places and interesting attractions. Not many persons have heard about Myanmar, some only know it as Burma, the old name, and most people have the same reaction when they hear something like this from northern Thailand’s neighbors: “Myanmar, is this a country?”

It is also fascinating, impressive and strikes you as a very cold shower since you make the first step in the airport. Even though I seriously documented myself before going out this spring, nothing prepared me for the reality that you will discover there. Whether you want to get there in the very near future, or want to enrich your general culture a little, you should know a few things about Myanmar.

When is the best time to visit Myanmar? If you are excited, we are happy, but do not rush to catch I do not know what offers of plane, because if you are not careful, you can cheat quite easily. In Myanmar, as in other countries in the area, there is a rainy season that usually keeps tourists away. And rightly so, because when we say rainy, we mean torrential rains that can hold from days to even weeks. In rainy periods, the flow of rivers increases greatly and floods the land. It is true that many houses in rural areas are built on stilts, with walls interwoven with bamboo or cane, but even so, they are often taken by water. And when that happens, the spirit of the communities activates and, in one day, five to six “bamboo buildings” are put back on their feet by the village’s team of builders. As such, keep in mind that the rainy season starts in May and ends in October, and the best time to flee to Myanmar would be November-February. We traveled the country long and wide for 17 days in February, and the weather was perfect.

I said from the outset that Myanmar is an amazing country. Believe us, it is by far one of the most special destinations we have seen so far. After so many years of travel and meetings with so many people, the Burmese have given us “the world over our heads”. Most residents, men and women alike, keep alive the tradition of the popular port, with the so-called longyi, a kind of skirt that can be arranged differently depending on the occasion. And, if we think about it, it would not be out of the ordinary to see men dressed in skirts, we have also seen elsewhere, but nonetheless, a whole country dressed in this way is something special, especially that pants of any kind and even famous jeans are a rarity. Read more info at Best of Burma.

These are the elements we take into account in all our vacations and we wanted to clarify them because it happened that some photos from Myanmar were accompanied on Facebook by a message saying that we, as tourists, seemed an expensive destination. I stirred up a wave of conflicting opinions. Indeed, Myanmar may be a cheap destination, but under certain conditions: if you opt for hostel accommodation – that is, a bed in a room with 4 to 12 people, with a shared bathroom -, if you eat street food, if you do transfer between cities by local bus or train – in case you do not mind spending 10-12 hours in such a means of transport instead of 40 minutes by plane.

Both Burmese men and women wear longyi – straight, long and colorful skirts wrapped around the body. The cheapest one I bought was 10 lei. Probably cheaper for locals. It is an extremely colorful and photogenic country. A Cuba Libre cocktail costs 80 cents if you go with a local to a bar and order it. If you order it, it costs $5. As in all other Buddhist countries, in Myanmar temples you have to step down. So take some comfortable shoes and wet wipes to clean your feet after these barefoot walks. See extra info at Places to visit in Myanmar.