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Searching for hot new travel places ? Here are my top 5 travel places to see : This upscale seaside resort on the Southwest Coast of Majorca is a favorite destination of the Spanish royal family and other trendsetting visitors. The chic marina is filled with luxury yachts and draws fashionable people to the yacht club, stylish shops, cafes, and restaurants. With its expensive boutiques and flashy cars (Ferraris and Porsches are common) seen racing through town, Puerto Portals feels like a smaller version of Monte Carlo in Monaco. Things to do on the waterfront range from a stroll up and down the waterfront while enjoying the scene, to stopping to shop at the designer stores. Gourmet dining is also a popular pastime at fancy restaurants such as the Michelin-starred Tristan Restaurant, as well as the more casual Tristan Bistro and Flanigan Restaurant. Many of the cafes and restaurants have pleasant outdoor patios to soak up the Mediterranean sunshine. Nearby, Marineland is an attraction for families with kids. Children love playing at the water park and seeing the dolphins and sea lion show. Also nearby is the Mood Beach Club, which has a beautiful beach and a gourmet restaurant.

Top travel locations to visit in Costa Rica : Dominical is a tropical backpacker’s haven, with dirt streets, beautiful beaches, cheap accommodation, casual open-air restaurants, and its own unique vibe. Surfers who come here find it hard to leave, and visits often turn into extended stays. But Dominical also attracts an upper-end crowd who can find small luxury inns and bed and breakfasts on the outskirts or in the hills overlooking the town. These places are often set off on their own and allow for close up wildlife viewing, with howler monkeys waking guests in the morning and toucans flying by the pool. The town’s main claim to fame is a wide stretch of open beach, backed by shady trees, where vendors set up tables and sell crafts and other items to tourists. Outside of town are quieter beaches where it’s possible to find a peaceful space all to oneself. Due to Dominical’s southern location, it is lush and steamy even in the dry season when northern areas are dusty and the trees have dropped their leaves.

Looking for info regarding top destinations in Galapagos? Discover lean marine skeletons that tell you that this was ocean before and now an island. Visit small brackish lagoons and watch amazing site of lagoon birds and Galapagos Flamingos. Also, by visiting Punta Moreno in the north of this island you can have a great opportunity to have spectacular view of Sierra Negra, Alcedo, and Cerro Azul volcanoes. Fernandina Island is popular as one of the youngest islands on the earth, and it is the third largest island in the Galapagos. Enjoy hiking on the black lava rocks here. Watch hundreds of marine iguanas, flightless Galapagos cormorants, sea lions, pelicans, penguins, and mangrove forests. Discover additional info at North America Travel Places.

Bali is an incredible location, so much history, a must see for any travel fan. Gili Air is kind of a mix of Gili Meno and Gili T. Personally it’s the one I’d skip if you could only visit two of the islands, but it does have all the attributes of an island paradise, so it could be a good option. Getting to the Gili Islands: You can catch a fast ferry from Bali to the Gili Islands – it’ll take a few hours all up and can be booked from popular destinations in Bali such as Seminyak and Kuta. It’s not the cheapest option and apparently the seas can get rough, but it’s the most common way to get there. You can also take a public ferry to Lombok (from Padang Bai in Bali) then travel overland to Bangsal where you can take a local boat to your island of choice. Another option is to fly to Lombok then organise transport to Bangsal.

A strategically important seaport, Valletta is the elegant capital of the Republic of Malta. The entire city is testimony to the grandeur of the Knights of Malta, the European noblemen who were granted the Maltese Islands by the King of Spain in 1530. The knights created a capital worthy of their aristocratic stature, on par with other great European capitals. Valletta’s regular grid plan and orderly public squares reveal the knights’ logical 16th-century urban planning. Tourists can easily navigate this small city that is bounded by two harbors: the Grand Harbor and Marsamxett Harbor. The heart of the city is Saint John’s Co-Cathedral, a 16th-century church built by the different Orders of the Knights, hailing from various countries such as France, Spain, and Italy. Visitors are surprised by the lavish interior with its opulent gilded decor. Find additional info on Book Hotels.