The best travel blogs to read in 2019

Temple of heaven;

Let’s discuss about high quality travel blogs in 2019. World is full of travel blogs so bloggers are forced to become more and more professional, comprehensive, posts get bigger and bigger, filled with more and more information, pictures and other travel things. Here are a few travel blogs that i like visiting.

Dan Flying Solo, Daniel is a British bloke who works with Skyscanner and LonelyPlanet on the regular. He’s an amazing writer with tons of useful tips, and is an even better photographer. I had the privilege of traveling with Daniel and working with him in India. There was never a dull moment! His photography has also been published in Beautiful Destination, Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel and Matador Network.

The Everywhereist: Geraldine DeRuiter travels the world and eats. But she’s not your average Travel Foodie Blogger, as posts like 7 Badass Bavarian Foods You Must Try testify. Fox Nomad: Anil Polat’s tech guide to travel is the go-to blog for up-to-the-minute advice on wireless internet on the road, international SIM cards, and exactly which chargers you should be taking with you.

Daniel James is a travel photographer and writer who has spent three years on the road. In Dan Flying Solo, he shares tales of his travels and tips for readers. Get inspired by reading Dan’s articles, watching his videos, and blowing through his stunning photographs. Jessie Festa is a solo, active travel addict and blog coach who shares her tips and adventures on Jessie on a Journey. The blog takes readers “beyond the guidebook” and helps you live your best life through travel, immersive cultural experiences, and unexpected adventures. Jessie also strives to show everyone, regardless of financial status or relationship status, that you can explore the world and enrich your life with local encounters.

Salt in Our Hair is a fun and colorful take on travel blog design that I rarely see in the travel industry. Nick and Hannah combined their top-notch photography with a well-designed layout, fun typography and deliver them at extreme efficiency. And by efficiency, I mean their travel blog is really fast, which is very important for a travel blog since most of our audience are often on their phones reading the blog.

A blog that i like, a website that i like a lot, is TforTraveller , a travel blog with comprehensive travel articles. The content i like the most are the 72 hours guides, they are perfect for maximizing your fun in a short weekend break. With articles published on a variety of topics, from budget travel to an adventure re pieces, you ’ll be transported to destinations that will make you want to drop everything and pack your bags. We understand that everyone is different You might want to get away for a long weekend, take an extended vacation, or even set off with no return date. Come join us on our journey as we set off to find the most exciting places and activities that the world has to offer, tailored to you. Read more travel stories on