Top travel locations to visit in Ibiza

Do you need to enjoy the blue sky and the warm sun ? Ibiza is a fabulous location to relax. What can you see in Ibiza? Santa Eulalia: Ibiza isn’t all about riotous nightlife, as you’ll discover at a popular family resort on the east coast of the island, around 15 kilometres northeast from Ibiza Town. Nearly all of the resort’s seafront is golden sandy beach, and with the bulk of the resort right behind there’s loads of shops and eateries to make your day a little more comfortable. There’s also a pretty little promenade running behind, decorated with wrought-iron lampposts and benches beneath the lush fronds of palm trees. Ibiza’s only golf course is also right next to this resort should you crave a round, and the weekly Las Dalias Hippie Market takes place a few minutes away in San Carlos in Saturdays. Also try climbing the Puig de Missa hill to see the cute old church at the top.

Es Canar is a beach resort on the eastern side of the island. It is best known for its hippy market, but it has far more than just that to offer. Es Canar is made up of pine forests as well as sandy shorelines, which means great contrast and exceptional scenery. It’s also a dream destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, because there are unlimited opportunities for things like windsurfing and parasailing. Of course, you won’t want to miss the famed hippy market. Held every Wednesday, the market is a great place to buy local crafts and all kinds of souvenirs.

Es Vedra is a rocky and uninhabited island, standing 413m high, just off the south-west of Ibiza. A mythical place, folk-lore says not only that it is the third most magnetic place on earth, but that it is the birthplace of Phoenician goddess Tanit, and that it was home to the sirens and sea nymphs who tried to lure Ulysses from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey. The island is also the setting for the local fable Es Gegant des Vedra (the giant of Es Vedra) about two brothers who go to the island to search for a cure for their father’s illness and come face to face with a giant. Mythology aside, Es Vedra is a stunning place to take some pictures or watch the sun go down.

There’re a few spots to cliff jump in Ibiza because of the rugged cliffs that make up the coastline, but the best spot (if you’re looking for a lower jump that still gives you an adrenaline rush) is at Cala Tarida. The white sand beach is located 20 minutes (by car) from San Antonio. Look for the rock formations at either end of the beach and don’t be shy about climbing them. The rocks aren’t too high, so it’s a fun jump into the cool, Mediterranean water. Don’t forget to pack the GoPro!

This summer for the first time ever outside the UK, Andy C brings his legendary #ALLNIGHT concept he’s become famed for to Ibiza on Tuesday 13th August in an exclusive debut, taking over the hallowed turf that is the Terrace in what is yet another mammoth career milestone for the unrivalled titan of D&B. The all night affair promises to be a truly unforgettable event and unmissable for the drum & bass faithful and anyone lucky enough to be on the island. See more info at Latest Ibiza news.