Barcelona motorcycle tours

Barcelona is a fascinating European city, and one way to get to know it is by using a motorbike, as a vehicle, to access the most emblematic sites and the most remote ones. The bike adds a touch of adventure to every trip, in addition, this city is characterized by using the largest number of motorcycles in Spain and part of Europe, so it is not surprising that its rent, tourists, is given frequency. On the other hand, the great use of these vehicles does not disturb the security of Barcelona, ​​where serious accidents do not occur very frequently. The motorcycle tours in this city become something fundamental, if you want your trip to be truly unforgettable.

2 emblematic motorcycle tours in Barcelona as say the scooter rental barcelona

When talking about motorcycle tours it is very possible that you do not know where to start, there are many alternatives, routes and emblematic places in Barcelona that, for sure, you want to know. Among which we have:

  1. Montjuic: When you decide to ride a motorcycle through Barcelona, ​​the Montjuic mountain route is almost mandatory, it allows you to enjoy an indescribable view of the entire city, and this area is very representative for all the people who are fans of traveling by motorcycle, since, for a time exceeding 3 decades, this mountain was part of the test “24 hours of Montjuic.” In addition, with this tour you can visit the walls belonging to the castle of Montjuic, enjoying a beautiful view of the port of Barcelona.
  2. Tour around Barcelona: making a motorcycle tour through Barcelona is a great idea for those who want to get to know this great city. Barcelona goes from Llobregat to Besós, to travel by motorbike you must start in an area quite close to Llobregat, passing through the Ronda Litoral, crossing the port area of ​​Passeig CanTuni. This walk is accompanied by spectacular views, which leave us at the Drassanes square, following the Paseo Colom, the Paseo de Borbó and, finally, the Paseo Marítim. This is the ideal route for those who visit Barcelona for the first time, since you know the center of the city.

There are many alternatives in motorcycle tours through Barcelona, ​​all routes are unique and are enjoyed to the fullest. To choose the right one, you must be clear about your expectations and tastes. There are more mountainous routes that allow a close contact with nature, as well as curves that create a feeling of adrenaline when riding them on a motorcycle. More at